9+ Unique Bridal Jewelry Styles trending in 2022

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As soon as talks of a wedding begin, the outfits and jewelry are the two areas that attract the most attention. As the fashion of wedding outfits is fast-moving and requires a focus on current trends, the choice of jewelry also requires one to be in line with the trends of the fashion industry. Not only does the jewelry make or break the entire look, but it also is among some of the most important elements of design and style. Jewelry is also one of the elements that require hefty investments and hence it is wiser to make thoughtful purchases that not only are affordable but also go with the choice of outfits! Here are some very trendy recently introduced jewelry styles of 2022 that are unique, creative, and here to stay!

Kundan & Polki Jewellery

One of the oldest kinds of Jewellery, Kundan never goes out of style because of its intricacy and detail. It is one of the most consistently chosen jewelry for important rasms be it phera or even reception! The latest weddings of 2022 featured brides including actresses who adorned jewels made of Kundan & Polki on their big day and looked breathtakingly beautiful. The shine and cuts of Kundan as well as polki are unparalleled and that is why they make for the most beautiful heritage jewelry.

Pearl Jewellery

Yet another trending Jewellery Style is real pearl jewelry. Not only do the designers love this style, but the brides also adore it as it makes for evergreen elegant jewelry pieces that can be cherished forever. Green emeralds look royal and classy when made into a choker set or rani haar. Not to mention the white pearls that go with every outfit and make you look like a fairy!
One other style trending is mixing authentic pearls with real diamonds or polki designs that are not only unique but also make the whole look of the jewelry one of a kind.

Floral Jewellery

This style is one of the most liked styles by the bride and is very much for women on the day of Haldi/ Mehendi. The best thing about Floral Jewellery is that it seems natural, colorful, and light on the hands. Haldi and Mehendi are the kind of functions that could lead to the coloring of real authentic jewelry. In this case, artificial flower jewelry not only comes to the rescue but also brings creativity to the whole look. 

Funky Pearl Beaded Jewellery

One of the funkiest designs adorned by brides and their bridesmaids alike. If you are a ‘sneakers beneath a lehenga’ kind of bride we are sure this style is for you. This style features jewelry designed in unconventional, funky shapes and vibrant colors that make it pop on every outfit. 

This one is also a very good choice for wearing during Day functions, even better if the setting is out in the garden or in an open outdoor space. 

Many designers choose to pair it with sober-colored outfits for their brides and nail the whole look with creativity. 

Pastel Jewellery With Irregular Cut Diamonds

When Katrina Kaif chose to include this style in her wedding festivities we knew it was here to stay. Not only does this kind of jewelry bring out amazing craftsmanship, but it also sits well on all outfits be it a Saree or a Lehenga. This is the kind of jewelry that makes a statement, so if you are a bride who likes to set the trends and wants to flaunt her beautiful neckline, this is definitely the jewelry for you. 

Parsi & Punjabi Fusion Jewellery

2022 is going to be the year of fusion and freedom. Designers have indicated that the trends are going to take liberty in mixing different art styles to create new looks and at the same time bring back the old traditional style pieces in the form of Chhapkaas (aka Paasas), Big round Noserings, Hair Sheeshpattis, and BraidPattis

We can expect these pieces to be designed in various metals, be it oxidized or silver or with real gold and pearls catering to all budget.

Cowrie Jewellery

One other member, newly added to the family of innovative styles is the shell jewelry that is perfect for Haldi/ Mehendi and Sangeet/Sundowner parties. This style is very easy to design and proves to be highly affordable without having to compromise on style. As shells are considered to be auspicious this one is very much being loved by Bengali brides and religious brides. Scones have always been something quite Indian so if you are a bride that loves all things Indian and wants to add a bit of a meaning to her style, consider adopting this style!

The Natural Blossoms

Ever since Farhan Akhtar’s beautiful bride Shibani has adorned Jewellery made out of real lavenders and baby breath flowers, the entire Jewellery market is going gaga over real flower jewelry. This style not only brings freshness to the look but also adds color in the most beautiful of ways. Along with this, real flower Kaleeras will also be in trend this year, and the fashion of head-crowns, Gajras, and braid-garlands made out of real Jasmines/ Mogras/ Roses like the ones worn by Sonam Kapoor are gonna return. If you like styles that are delicate and natural, this is the best option for you.

Tassel Jewellery

Mouni Roy on her Mehendi ceremony impressed the fashion world with her tassel Jewellery choices and so many options have popped up after her wedding. Not only are the fashion enthusiasts making tassel-only jewelry, but they are also creating fusion pieces along with colorful pearls and artificial flowers. If you look at the ways people have creatively used these elements, you will find them to be quite affordable, stylish, and easily pairable. 

Navratna Jewellery

One other trending jewelry style is the Navratna Jewellery made out of 9 kinds of authentic gemstones as the name suggests. It is one of the most glamorous styles that could absolutely steal hearts and goes beautifully with all kinds of outfits no matter what their color! 

Now that you know all the prevalent and upcoming styles, which one do you think are you going to choose for your big day? 

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