7+ Questions To Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding Photographer

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The majority of folks will agree on one thing: a superb photographer is a crucial component of any wedding, whether you’re a gorgeous bride who swears to spend no money on your wedding or a laid-back budget bride.

For years to come, great images will remind you of your wedding day. That’s why you must pick a photographer who is not only talented but also the ideal fit for your wedding. Before you hire your wedding photographer, ask these questions.

1. Is the team available according to your desired dates and budget?

First and foremost, you must determine the available dates and whether they are compatible with your wedding schedule. If your wedding is scheduled during the wedding season, you’ll also need to inquire about peak charges and question about alternative wedding packages to figure out what suits you best. Don’t be scared to learn everything there is to know about your alternatives to find the best match for you and your partner.

2. What is your experience as a wedding photographer?

It takes a long time to develop the abilities required to be a good wedding photographer. Few photographic locations are quite bustling, chaotic, and stamina draining. So, in addition to having the photographic ability to take both formal and informal photos, your wedding photographer must be able to calmly and authoritatively handle people.

This is something that can only be learned via experience, so unless you’re on a very limited budget, make sure your wedding photographer has a lot of wedding photography expertise.

3. What would it be like to work with you on our wedding day? How do you start your day?

A wedding photographer’s style can be described in a variety of ways. To one photographer, “documentary photography” means one thing, while to another, it means something else. While “photojournalism” can indicate “I don’t stage anything and let things unfold organically,” it can also mean “I stage everything to appear casual, but it isn’t.” When you ask a photographer to describe their style, you can get a response that is more confusing than useful! However, asking a wedding photographer to explain a wedding day will yield an answer that should shed light on the style’s true essence.

4. What’s your photo editing style?

The photo editing approach of your wedding photographer will also influence the outcome of your wedding photos. As a result, we suggest bringing it up during your interview. Take a note if they have a bright, timeless, or melancholy style. She also suggests inquiring about how they maintain a consistent look in a variety of lighting scenarios during the wedding day. This is an excellent moment to inquire about extra photo editing services such as colour correction or retouching.

5. What is included in your wedding packages?

It’s essential to discuss packages and pricing. Most wedding photographers provide various packages that include a set number of hours, engagement photos, Mehendi ceremony clicks, Haldi function captures, prints, and albums. Clarify what is included in the specified price and what add-ons, such as travel costs for destination weddings, overtime hours, or photographing other pre-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner, may incur additional fees. Double-check who will be photographing your wedding as part of the package if the photographer works with a team, such as an assistant.

6. Can I have a look at your full gallery?

Pictures, as they say, speak louder than words. You should request to see the wedding photographer’s previous work in addition to hearing about their experience and client testimonials. Our experts recommend specifically requesting a full wedding gallery.

The best of the greatest images are frequently shown on Instagram feeds and websites. Take a look at some of their full wedding portfolios to get a feel for how the rest of your event’s photos will turn out if you employ them.

7. What is the expected timeline for deliverables?

Inquire about their timeframes, starting with the commencement of the wedding day and ending with when they will send out raw photographs (if at all), processed images, images for the album, video, and everything else. Break it down and figure out when each of these events will occur.

8. How do we make the payment?

Make sure the payment terms are appropriate for both you and the photographers. The normal practice is to keep 50% of the booking payment, but this varies depending on the vendor and their experience. A newcomer to the profession would be more lenient with payment arrangements, whereas seasoned wedding photographers would be more rigid. Professional wedding photographers will also want you to sign a contract, which is strongly advised.

These questions will help you judge your wedding photographer’s professionalism as well as their readiness to collaborate with you. Someone enthusiastic about photographing your wedding will take the time to explain their job and will be even more attentive to your preferences. Finally, you should pick someone genuinely interested in your story as a pair and eager to collaborate with you.

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