9+ Signature Mocktail Ideas for Every Wedding Theme

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Now that the summers are here, the need for a pleasant mocktail is felt even more and that is why The Wedding Connections is here with 9+ Signature Mocktail Ideas for Every Wedding Theme that you can serve for an exotic celebration! 

Knockout with Kokum! 

Kokum is the flavour of the Konkan Coast. With a sour tamarind-like taste and faintly sweet aroma, the fruit is a perfect cooler recipe ingredient for a wedding in the summer. Your caterer/ chef could easily spurn this dark purple dried fruit with a sourness that is both intensely fruity when you bite into it, yet happily mellow when it is cooked!

Since the fruit is not a very common element in the mocktail market, it could be something unique and make for good memory in the hearts (and tummies!) of your guests!

Sparkling Sunshine Punch of Limes and Lemons!

Bring a little sunshine to your meal plan by creating a Punch that has limes and lemons along with bubbly spirit water and some spices like ginger and cloves and receive a heap of compliments from your guests. While the sweet and sour flavours of limes leave you feeling fresh, the bittersweet pop flavour of lemons makes your taste-buds dance.  To create a drink that is a little more adventurous you could also use raspberries—trust us, it is the most refreshing combination you’re ever going to drink!

Walk down the nostalgic lane and recreate traditional drinks with a tangy twist! 

There are a variety of ways in which you could use ingredients like our summery fresh Pudina & Tulsi leaves to make Aam Panna / Jaljeera which haven’t stopped being guests’ favourite. A few more ingredients that you could experiment with while recreating these recipes are coating the glass with salt and red chilli powder to steer the flavour towards a bit of a spicy direction or using brown sugar and lemon to add a different sweetness to your sour base!

Wonder the guests with Watermelon Mojito! 

Fruit-based mocktails are the perfect choice to be served as a welcome drink. Whether it be a combination of fresh fruit juices or readymade, bottled drinks, they are all very popular and in demand. A watermelon Mojito is the most delightful blend of colours and flavours and entices the taste buds of your guests and proves to be brilliantly refreshing for their senses. One other element to add a little twist could be fresh green mint leaves.

Save the day with Sugarcane!

When one thinks of beating the heat when outdoors on a sunny day, he immediately thinks of a glass of fresh Sugarcane Juice with some kaala-namak and waah! All the heat and tiredness wear off immediately.

Last but not the least, this drink is one of the simplest, easiest and most affordable to arrange besides being a highly nutritious choice with no harm to health at all!

Cool the heat down with a Coconut Crush!

The best option to serve on a Sangeet evening or a Mehendi day is something that is not only a little solid to ward off the exertion of the event but also something light and breezy to sip. One drink that has both these qualities is a Virgin Pina Colada. Not only is coconut milk a highly nutritious element, coconut and pineapple both are the kind of ingredients that make for a good mocktail. You could bind it up with Vanilla Ice cream and opt to skip eating a heavy meal for this and not feel tired at all because of the high nutritional value of the drink!

Make your guests Lose their hearts over a glass of Lassi!

Imagining you shaking a leg to the beats of dhol on a sunny afternoon sipping lassi is as easy as breathing, isn’t it? Not only is it a popular choice among all types of guests, the scope to experiment and infuse other flavours along is also high. It is an amazing mocktail to drink, whether you choose to serve it sweet with a twist of adding Rooh Afza to it or savoury by adding some salt and jeera powder along with powdered cinnamon!

Nothing can replace the royal Khus Sherbet!

A drink that is both fresh and gives off the vibe of royalty when served is Khus Sherbet! Not only is it quite a sight to the eyes, but it is also one of the most flavourful and unique tasting mocktails to serve your guests at a wedding whether it be during the day or late in the evening. Serve this in a beautiful transparent glass with a chandelier-like design and you’re good to go!

Calm down the wedding jitters with Cool Cucumber!

Cucumber is one of the coolest elements gaining a lot of fans as it goes to be served in refreshing healthy smoothies and fusion mocktails! Not only is it highly rich in fibres, but the taste is also as cosy as water and it easily makes a place in the hearts of the guest in the list of comfort drinks. You could serve it with a pinch of powdered red chillies and it would be such a bomb recipe!

Make it look beautiful with Berries and smell pleasant with Plum!

 Apart from the other fruits and flavours mentioned above, there is a variety of berries and plums that you could add to any base mocktail to give it a twist whether it be of colour or flavour or aroma!

The secret to making a mocktail to remember is to strike the perfect balance of flavours and make it look visually appealing.

Let us know which of these are your favourite drinks while you discuss your wedding plan with us!

Feel free to visit our website and connect with us at The Wedding Connections.

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