What to Expect When You Hire A Wedding Planner

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P.S. – What do wedding planners actually do?

If you’ve just begun the planning process and perused a few Pinterest boards or bridal magazine checklists, you might think that wedding planning isn’t so difficult. You’re a well-organized and creative person, so you’ll be OK. While this may be true, you, your fiancé, and your guests will all have a lot better experience if you also seek professional assistance. We feel you have enough on your plate, and when your wedding day arrives, you will appreciate the opportunity to rest and enjoy yourself while someone else handles the details. And that’s why you should consider hiring a wedding planner. Having been said that scroll down to know what exactly does a wedding planner do and what is expected from a wedding planner. 

How a wedding planner assists you throughout the wedding!

It takes a lot of effort to plan a wedding. It’s akin to having a second job for many people. It takes a lot of time and emotional energy to secure a venue, manage a team of vendors, and fit each piece of the puzzle into place. (According to a recent study, almost 500 hours!) That is why every couple requires assistance, whether from a family member, a group of eager bridesmaids and groomsmen, or a professional wedding planner. It’s not always easy to decide whether or not to hire a professional because each wedding has its own set of circumstances. However, if any of the following things ring true, it may be time to employ a wedding planner.

  • A wedding planner’s goal is to assist you in planning every detail of your wedding by your vision and theme. They can entirely take over for you if you become too busy, depending on the coverage or degree of service you choose. They can also do some of the tasks you’ve delegated to them. Your wedding planner may also assist you in creating and sticking to a comprehensive and detailed wedding timeline. 
  • A wedding planner can also be one of your most essential resources for finding reputable vendors and providing advice on all aspects of wedding preparation. In summary, the wedding planner is there to be your best friend and hold your hand throughout the wedding planning process.
  • They can either connect the couple to suppliers and services that can support a luxurious wedding or vendors and services that specialise in catering to minimal budgets, based on the budget they are provided. They are also frequently able to obtain service savings that they can pass on to their customers.
  • The wedding planner manages all of the logistics, from sending invites to collecting RSVPs to picking them up from the airport and delivering them off at the venue or hotel. You don’t have to worry about your classmate or uncle waiting at the airport to be picked up for the wedding as you enjoy your mehndi ceremony with lovely designs on your palm. Both the bride and groom employ a wedding planner, and the soon-to-be-married couples may dance their way into a spectacular wedding with no problems.
  • Everything is taken care of for you, from announcing your wedding entrance to preparing the car that says “Just Married.” A wedding planner eliminates a lot of your stress and relieves you of many to-do lists and allows you to spend more time preparing for the wedding and pampering yourself while spending quality time and enjoying every moment of this dream come true moment.
  • They’re also wonderful at dealing with any on-the-spot catastrophes, such as an angry guest or a wedding crasher, and they’re great at covering up for any unforeseen wedding events. Hiring a wedding planner, whether for a destination or a residential wedding, relieves emotional and physical stress while adhering to the timeline and preventing any planning crunch at any point throughout the wedding due to their extensive understanding of the sector.

What to expect from your wedding planner?

If you opt to employ a wedding planner to help you organise your wedding, you may expect him or her to do the following:

  1. First and foremost, your wedding will be budgeted: When it comes to decor, catering, and other wedding arrangements, wedding planners like to work within a set budget to relieve you of financial stress and provide you with pre-details about various charges.
  1. They’ll help you save a lot of time: The timing, creation, and implementation of your wedding activities are the most challenging aspects of planning, and this is a reality! Furthermore, they accomplish more, better, and faster. 
  1. They are always ready for damage control: What should you do now that your mother and mother-in-law are at odds over the bride’s details? Do you need to inquire about the cost of your bridesmaid’s gown? When should you send the dates you’ve saved? An experienced wedding planner has seen it all before and can help you navigate any sticky issues that may emerge during the wedding planning process.
  1. They will turn your wedding vision into reality: Your wedding planner will simply take your suggestions and make them a reality. They’re the ones who keep track of critical dates, mail contracts to vendors, confirm meal orders, and so much more so you don’t have to.

They will infuse your wedding with personality and particular touches so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding rather than stressing about it.

Final Verdict

With the assistance of a Wedding Planner, you will have more time to pamper yourself. Nobody wants to be searching for 500 local photographers at 3 a.m. on their laptop, wondering when everything will be fun and magical again. You don’t have to cry over the seating plan while your fiance tries to sneak out the door to meet his friends/go to the pub/or find a quiet nook somewhere. Make the most of this beautiful period in your life by making it enjoyable, pleasant, and stress-free!

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