9 Unforgettable Varmala Entry Ideas That Will Stun Your Guests

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Slow songs playing in the backdrop, groom or bride entering the venue in a slo-mo and everyone clapping behind- this is the first thing that comes to us when we think about Varmala entrance ideas for the Bride and the Groom. Our bride didn’t want to use the same old-school entry design for her Varmala. Why to always follow the crowd? It’s your special day and your Varmala Entry should be one of a kind that makes your guest’s eyes twinkle and leave them awe-struck. It’s time to add more drama to your wedding.

Varmala is the first step in tying the knot, much like your wedding is the first step in your happily ever after! The exchanging of garlands between the bride and groom is an age-old custom that is still observed today. It is a symbol of both the bride and groom’s acknowledgment that they are ready to become husband and wife. And this lovely moment necessitates a spectacular start. Scroll down as we have brainstormed 13 Unforgettable Varmala Entry Ideas That Will Stun Your Guests.

1. The Age-Old Yet Chic Phoolon Ki Chaddar Entry

Choose your bridal entry music first, then your Phoolon ke Chadar design for a beautiful and spectacular Varmala entry. The Phoolon ki chadar design is the one that gets overlooked the most out of all the small things you’ll end up discussing with your wedding decorator. We, as your decorator, will have the Phoolon ki chadar produced for the bride in addition to the venue decor. Tassels, fresh marigold, fresh red or pastel flowers, LED fairy lights, kaleera, net or multicolour bandhani dupatta can all be added to your Phoolon ki chadar.

2. Honk Honk! Make Way For The Cool Couple in the ATV!

Looking for a show-stopper entrance for your destination weddings? Auto-rickshaws and cars are so outdated for an entry, let’s try something never seen before.  All-terrain vehicles are useful in this situation. They look great, and with a few floral accents, you can transform them into the perfect wedding and groom entrance ride! There’s a reason they’re all-terrain vehicles, after all. These rides will ensure that your arrival is as dhamakedar as you want it to be, whether it’s on the beach or in a sandy desert. It will give your Varmala ceremony a little extra funk.

3. Walk Royally With Your Super-Dad by Your Side

A father-daughter relationship cannot be described in words; it is a sensation, an emotion that is unlike any other. He has always been there for you, from the time you first took your first steps to the time you are walking down the aisle in a beautiful lehenga and dazzling jewellery on your most memorable day. Nothing can make your Varmala entry more timeless than a hand in hand walk with your pa.

4. Make Your Grand Entrance In a Helicopter

Yes, we’re all sick of watching the bride and groom arrive in their favourite cars. Nothing beats the spectacular and jaw-dropping helicopter entry for the adventurous pair like you if you want your wedding to be legendary.

5. Feel The Regal Aura And Enter In A Palki

On a day as important as your wedding, you deserve to be treated like a king or queen. That’s why your varmala entry should be a show-stopper as well. Just as it was for these brides, who charmed their way to the stage in magnificent palkis and raths as if they were royalty. They seem as if they were plucked from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s massive sets!

These outstanding Varmala entries have piqued our interest.

6. Ditch the Road, Float Your Way Through The Scenic Waters

Do you want to have your wedding beside the water? This is a sign that you should hire that location and create a fantastic boat-themed entrance while you’re at it! This Varmala Entry is certainly going to grab everyone’s attention. A boat entry is not only beautiful, but it also exudes an irresistible romantic aura that will have your guests drooling over you. If you’re having a lakeside wedding, there are plenty of beautiful boats and providers willing to help. All you have to do now is add some themed decorations and you’re ready to go! This is a fantastic concept for weddings in the morning.

7. Incorporate The Allure of Sparklers Into Your Varmala Entrance

Do you want to create a memorable Varmala entrance on your wedding day? Just throw in a couple of sparklers or some dhamakedaar fireworks and watch the magic happen! Varmala entrance is one of our favourites among the many methods to use sparklers at weddings. They light up the wedding entrance, making it look like something out of a movie. Furthermore, the images are even better. You still don’t believe us? Take a good look at the photos above to see why you should make a grand entrance on your wedding day.

8. Let Your Little Furry Friend Walk You Through

Why not use your pet as well? We all have that one niece or nephew to walk around while making our bridal entrance. What could be more enjoyable than entering your mandap with your four-legged companions by your side? It will not only help you attract the greatest attention, but it will also allow you to spend some quality time with your pets before bidding them farewell and embarking on your new adventure. Take a cue from these couples, who transformed their pets into their best men on their wedding day and celebrated Varmala in style.

9. Varmala Entry With A Pop Of Colors

This one is for the couples who want their wedding entrance to be as dramatic as possible. Colour poppers, also known as smoke bombs, bring vibrant hues to your offbeat Varmala entry photos and films, making them look beautiful and alive!

Did you find any ideas that you would like to steal from our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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