9 Little Things You Can Do For Utmost Guest Comfort At Your Wedding

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Wedding planning can be both thrilling and stressful. All of these tasks, from booking the location to printing cards and choosing a theme, to taking health measures for the guests and hiring different vendors, take time and effort. However, when we consider it, all of the preparations you do for your wedding are for the people you have invited. You want to make sure that your guests are relaxed and having a good time. The happiness of the guests is a direct reflection of the wedding ceremony’s success. Here are Little Things You Can Do For Utmost Guest Comfort In Your Wedding.

1. Bug Spray For An Open Lawn Wedding

It’s wedding season outside, and while the weather and scenery are lovely, the pests may be a pain. Whether you’re throwing a party in your garden or at a posh open lawn venue, you’ll have to deal with one pesky visitor: mosquitos. As soon as the sun sets, these biting bugs will certainly crash your event, leaving visitors scratching and swatting. Allow no one to suffer in silence!

Provide bug spray to your guests as a courtesy. Place a couple of bottles at the bathroom sink or around the reception area. Alternatively, once the sun begins to drop, you can give out bottles as wedding favors. Your guests will appreciate your forethought.

2. Keep Your Wedding Guests Sun Safe

As the guests enter the celebration location, many couples serve ice water or mocktails. Consider putting in a basket with many sunscreen options near the door. It’s an excellent reminder to your friends and family members to reapply.

For any outdoor wedding, a parasol is an incredible, fashionable, and practical accessory to have. They’ll keep the sun at bay while also looking excellent in photos! Guests can protect themselves from the heat with parasols, which blends beautifully with the overall design of the day.

Uber Cool Shades For The Uber Cool Eyes

Keep sunglasses on hand for your guests to wear outside if you don’t want them squinting while you go down the aisle in your stunning gown. Many people forget to bring shades to an outdoor wedding, which is surprising. Not to mention that they make fantastic photo booth props!

Save Your Guests’ Soles

We all know how difficult it is to walk and dance in high heels for hours during a wedding, right? As a result, including some flip-flops in your wedding might be a tremendous relief for all of your guests’ tired feet. They can go around in their flip-flops without hurting their feet at your flip-flops site. Isn’t it a fantastic idea?

For dancing, have a bucket of flats on hand. If you’re planning a crazy dance flip-flops your guests have something to wear on their feet that’s a little comfier!

Warm Wedding Favours For The Cold

Protecting your wedding guests from the chilly winter breeze and making them comfortable can be a bit tricky, but one of our favourite solutions is to provide plenty of warm blankets or pashmina shawls. Guests will be able to grab one anytime they’re feeling down.

Trust me they’ll be so thankful to you for this kind gesture.

Stock Up Restroom Essentials  

Restrooms are sometimes ignored at weddings, but a few modest changes may go a long way toward ensuring that your guests look and feel their best during the event. If they’re worried about a stain on their clothes or a cavity in their teeth, no one will let loose. Wedding toilet baskets, often known as “amenity baskets,” come in handy in this situation.

Not sure what all to include? Well, think along with the limes what would you stock in an emergency kit: hairpins, safety pins, deo, breath mints, face mist, sanitiser, tissue, toothpick, comb, lotion, painkiller, Antacids, stain remover pain, hair ties, etc.

A Late Night Snack Counter

Pheras at midnight necessitates midnight munchies. Serving snacks to your guests while your pheras (day or night!) is going on is going to make them more energized.

Pheras is the time when your closest family and friends will be pleasantly sitting for hours instead of dashing here and thereafter days and days of dancing and drinking (and not eating properly!). Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little nibble in between meals? You can serve them pakoras, popcorns, tea (an Indian Necessity), dry fruits, Nachos, maybe ice-creams, there are plenty of options available.

Take Care Of Their Transportation

When it’s time to figure out how to get home, the night’s fun comes to an end. By organizing transportation for your guests to and from your wedding, you may relieve them of the pressure and stress. They’ll be well looked after and given plenty of opportunities to let free on the dance floor. Consider utilizing a minibus to transport them or hiring a car service for individual rides.

Power-up Your Guests With a Charging Station 

Charging stations are the newest event tech item that impresses visitors and demonstrates that you care.

Your guests’ batteries can quickly run out between receiving directions to the location and hashtagging your entire wedding. That’s why we’re smitten with this concept: a charging station to keep phones charged until the party ends. We’re confident that your guests will love it, and you can even make your own to match the rest of your decor.

We hope that these ideas add a special touch to your wedding and make your guests feel more welcomed. Let us know which idea fascinated you the most among all!

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