23+ Dreamy Winter Wedding Ideas

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Is there anything more magical than a wedding in the winter? These seasonal wedding elements, from holiday music to wintry florals, can offer warmth and charm to even the coldest of days. These cheerful winter wedding ideas are sure to inspire you and your guests if you’re going to deck the halls of your wedding location for your winter nuptials.

From wearing royal glamorous velvet lehengas to adding a swag of faux leather jacket like a boho bride, you have so many frozen elements to organize your winter fairy tale. From ivory-themed lehengas to the lilac winter hues and baby breath décor elements, we have compiled 15+ Winter Wedding Ideas For Your Dreamy Ceremony.

1. Pastel Perfect

The majority of millennial couples will agree that pastel decor communicates elegance and sophistication without losing a beat. These gentle and magnificent colors blend in beautifully with wedding and mehendi themes, and help in casting a broader, brighter brilliance of light and warmth over any type of event. Pastel decor is the look for winter weddings in 2021. It’s easy to work with and is beautiful. Powder blues, lavenders, peaches, turquoise, and blush pinks!!

2. The royalty of the Velvet Lehenga

Velvet is probably one of the most sought-after fabrics for winter wedding lehengas. A velvet bridal lehenga is a dream for winter stunners because of its sheer luxury, regal vibe, and, of course, the warmth it engulfs you in! After all, who wouldn’t want to look like a queen in their wedding in such a voguish yet royal attire that’s oh-so-comfy while also keeping you warm?

3. Destination Wedding: Shout I do From the Mountain Tops

Imagine exchanging vows when a sprinkling of lovely snowflakes gently falls around you, or the dazzling winter sun shines through a curtain of icicles, almost chiming in the breeze. If you’re going to urge your guests to dress warmly for your event, we recommend going all out and choosing a venue that takes advantage of the season. Shimla, Manali, Mussorie, Mt. Abu, there are plenty of destination wedding spots you can opt for! Start your searching now.

4. Ice Queen Bridal Lehenga

Bridal lehengas in pristine ivory hues have been popular for a long time. Brides have been selecting white wedding lehengas for their big day, whether embroidered or not, and creating style statements worth raving over.

5. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are appropriate for a winter celebration because of their long life. They are frequently used to add a rustic element to the celebration. They are commonly used in ceremony arches, and hanging installations, but they also make an excellent centrepiece.

6. Baby breaths

Baby breath has been revived as a trendy and refined bloom that may stand alone or blended in with other contemporary flowers in bouquets. These soft globes are a wonderful wedding decoration in any environment, whether they’re hung high in a barn or draped over a chair.

7. Twinkle Lights

This fairy light wall provides such a lovely backdrop for wedding photos, and it’s also beautiful to look at. Wrap the luminous fairy lights over bannisters and poles, place them inside lanterns and use them as centrepieces, hang them from trees, or line walks with them.

8. Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake

A wedding cake with beautiful buttercream decorations or bursting with romantic florals is one of our favourites. There’s a confection to suit your winter wonderland themed wedding, from handpainted mountainscapes and meadows to cakes decked out in greenery, wildflowers, and pinecones.

9. Pampas Grass Décor

Due to the seasonal availability of the elements, wedding design trends might be tricky, but Pampas Grass has been the prop that everyone seems to admire. They have a wow effect and are available in all seasons, complementing practically any decor space when played with, whether indoors or out.

10. Cozy Yet Cool Footwear

Warm toes are underappreciated, and correct footwear will make things so much easier. Play with the footwear, maybe add glittery sneakers to your lehenga and accentuate your modern bridal look.

11. Classic Crystal Décor

Crystals can be strewn across reception tables or put to the bottoms of glass centrepieces. For the wedding aisle and/or general venue decor, they can be glued/wrapped around candle holders or wine glasses. Perhaps you’d want them dangling from the giant vase centrepieces or the wedding canopy for a more sumptuous effect!

12. Elegant Seasonal Florals

Although marigold is commonly used in Indian weddings, jasmine and lily are also excellent choices. You can also combine traditional Indian flowers with exotic flowers to create a one-of-a-kind wedding decor.

13. Long-Sleeved Blouse

You’ll be able to take full use of all the long-sleeve blouses for your bridal outfit if you tie the knot in chilly weather. There’s a dress silhouette for every bridal style, from illusion sleeves to high-collared lace necklines.

14. Stunning Bold Lips

Red lipstick is necessary, addicting, and gloriously seductive to cosmetics aficionados, just as Cricket is to Indian sports fans, banana ice cream is to vegans, and cheese is to pizzas. We could go on and on about how gorgeous and on-point the red lip is, but we’ll leave that to you to decide. After all, what’s the point of extolling something’s beauty when it can be enjoyed from afar without saying anything?

15. Warm Wedding Favours

If you’re searching for a wedding favour that your guests won’t leave behind once the celebration is finished, shawls and blankets are a terrific winter wedding suggestion. Add a personal feature like your monogram or wedding date to them and display them in baskets or just drop them over the backs of chairs at your reception tables so visitors are reminded of your special day.

16. A BBQ station

A live ‘Tikka Counter’ is not only delicious but having a handful of these stationed throughout the venue will ensure that people flock to them to keep warm. Smores are very delicious to heat and enjoyable for everyone!

17. Masala Chai or Cappuccino Please!

This unique winter wedding idea will delight your guests, especially those who enjoy a decent cappuccino or latte. We recommend installing a booth dedicated to tea or coffee at the wedding entrance to keep your guests away from the rain. 

18. Add Layers To Your Wedding Dress

If you desire an arm-bearing wedding gown, don’t be concerned. You may keep warm by adding some beautiful accessories to your bridal style, such as a cape.

Or, maintain your glitz by including some fur, as this bride did in her reception gown.

19. All White Whimsical Wedding Décor

There’s nothing quite like a winter wonderland theme inspired by a seasonal palette (and we’re not just talking red and green) to transport you to another world. Bring in white-flowered trees, artificial snow, and sleek lucite chairs to give your setting an ice feel. Incorporate evergreen elements into the tablescape and escort cards for a pop of color.

20. Ethereal Branches For Your Mandap

A majority of trees would have shed their branches by now, but that doesn’t make them any less lovely. Add some barren branches to your wedding decor to emulate their look.

21. Illuminate the Décor with Lanterns & Candles

Because winter is the darkest season of the year, and the majority of your wedding will take place at night, lights are the ideal decor. You can have a lot of fun designing beautiful hanging lantern installations, candle arrangements, and centerpieces that can dramatically change a place and make for an amazing photo backdrop!

22. Charming Masks

Wedding masks are wonderful jewels, and they undoubtedly bring more beauty to the wedding look, especially in light of the present pandemic crisis. We got embroidered velvet masks for a great look at winter weddings.

23. Pine Centerpieces

Frosty pinecones are a classic winter decoration; distribute them throughout your wedding for a quick (and inexpensive) festive touch. The aesthetic of wintery escort cards affixed to pine cones is one of our favorites.

24. Funky Wedding Signs

Have a blast with your winter wedding with plenty of festive signage. “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Be Merry and Bright,” and “Joy To The World” are just a few of our favorite festive phrases.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your winter wedding celebration with these ideas and share your favourite one in the comments section below.

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