Fairmont Jaipur

Fairmont Jaipur is known all over the world as one of the best destinations for brides and grooms looking to explore other cultures, The grandiose and glorious city of Jaipur is the perfect destination for a destination wedding like no other. With its elegant design and distinguished history – incorporating royalty from different eras including Mughal, Rajputana and British rule- come visit this sprawling metropolis located in India’s largest state. For those who seek out an exquisite palace wedding without ever having to leave home, know that The Wedding Connections and Fairmont Jaipur will see your every need fulfilled with meticulous care and attention. What once began as just another beautiful building has now become something much more than what could be anticipated; an iconic symbol representing Indian heritage rich with diverse culture, customs and cuisine ripe for your destination wedding in Jaipur!

Any bride who has her eyes on a fairytale princess experience at her destination wedding, will never forget their fairy tale moment at the Jaipur’s best Palace wedding venue for destination weddings in India. A ceremony or reception here will most definitely go down as one of the best memories ever! The beautiful architecture and scenery are simply breathtaking; taking your breath away every time you set foot in this place – so no wonder it is often used for weddings. This magnificent hotel brings back old world luxury with its gorgeous Indian design while still giving you access to all modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi, Internet access, cable TV and plenty of amenities. With six amazing locations ranging from candlelit courtyards to an outdoor pool party complete with water features on site (not to mention exclusive rights for photos!), there are over 30 wedding sites available that can accommodate any size of gathering – making this one destination wedding venue you’ll never want to leave!

Let the whole world see how much you love each other at this luxurious and well-known hotel where every detail is accounted for so that nothing gets overlooked. The immense magnitude of building which connects generations, custom-fit venue service and exclusive offerings–nothing compares to it because nothing else can offer such extravagance at such an outstanding level. For those who prefer luxuries over simplicity, a destination wedding at Fairmont Jaipur, India will never feel mundane because of the supreme visual eye candy surrounding all four walls around you constantly. While visiting India, Fairmont Jaipur provides a luxury lodging experience with accommodation options tailored perfectly to your needs–be they shared or private rooms; suite stay or executive apartments–this gem placed in the heart of Rajasthan’s most colorful city sits alongside many others as one of its treasures.

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